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Use the calculator with the mouse or type on the keyboard

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With the you will have a digital device that is easy to use. The simple calculator from will allow you to solve basic or scientific problems quickly and agilely.

  With our calculator, in addition to being able to use the mouse, you can use the keyboard with the following functions:

The enter key corresponds to the equal sign (=)

To enter a plus sign the plus (+) key

To enter a subtraction the minus (-) key

To add a multiplication the key (*)

In the case of a division, we must type over (/)

This simple version of the calculator will allow you to perform: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in the best way with the greatest speed and efficiency.

AKA claculator

Welcome to! Our online calculator is designed to offer you a quick and easy way to perform calculations of all kinds. Some of our standout features include:

Equation Solving: Do you need to find the intersection of two lines or solve a more complicated equation? With our calculator, you can do it in a matter of seconds.

Calculation of percentages: Do you need to calculate the percentage of a number or the increase / discount of a price? Our calculator has an easy to use percentage function that will allow you to do these calculations in no time at all.

Operations with complex numbers: Do you have to work with complex numbers at work or in your studies? Our calculator has a function specially designed to perform operations with complex numbers quickly and accurately.

These are just a few of the many features our online calculator offers. Visit us and discover everything you can do with it!

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